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Scoring Solutions

Using our expertise and experience we have created a suite of 'off the shelf' scorecards that can be deployed rapidly.

Generic / Expert Scorecards

Some clients need to launch a new product quickly or just don’t have the data to enable development of bespoke scorecards e.g. a new entrant into the market.

DecisionMetrics has created a suite of generic scorecards that can be deployed rapidly against any of the three UK Credit Reference Agencies (CRAs) or in a Multi-bureau environment against any combination of the three CRAs.

We have 'off the shelf' risk models for all types of lending i.e. Mortgages, Motor Finance, Personal Loan (both secured and unsecured) and Credit Cards and various customer profiles i.e. Prime, Near Prime and Subprime. We can also support multiple loan terms e.g. 30 days  / 3 months / 12 months/ 36 months etc.

These scorecards can be deployed very rapidly following a simple calibration exercise.  

Short Term Lending

The market for short term lending has changed significantly in recent years. Today, short term lending providers are numerous and range from companies that have established themselves as household brand names to small niche players. DecisionMetrics has developed generic short term lending scorecards that can service both standard risk, and higher risk grades of customers that utilise short term credit facilities.


DecisionMetrics has developed a suite of Econometric models which have been designed to enhance the performance of incumbent customer management scorecards. These models can significantly improve customer management decisioning by factoring in credit bureau risk criteria that have been markedly impacted by current economic conditions in the UK. Using the UK Credit Bureau as a proxy for UK economic indicators, the Econometrics Scores have been developed to provide significant additional discriminatory power over and above internal scores and bureau scores. We have worked with several of our clients to demonstrate that incorporating these scores in their existing processes facilitates a more granular level of segmentation which enables the clients to improve positive actions to the very best risk customers and limiting loses at higher risk levels.

A full redevelopment of the Econometrics Scorecard suite has been completed during 2013 and comprises models to predict likely entry into collections in the immediate future and propensity to recover for accounts already in early collections. Models have been developed specifically for credit card, personal loan, current accounts and mortgages.  

Key features

  • Scoring support for the full credit lifecycle
  • We don’t look at a scorecard in isolation to other elements of the decisioning process
  • We have experience of all three major Credit Reference Agencies and are the leaders in Multi-bureau scorecard development
  • We can rapidly deploy generic models

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