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Application Processing

Application Processing

If you are a new lender with simplistic needs, or an existing lender with highly complex needs, combining the power of the DecisionStrategy engine with bespoke interactive browser based data capture screens delivers a comprehensive application processing solution.

The DecisionMetrics approach to Application Processing is fully secure and PCI compliant.  Application processes can have sophisticated workflow and queuing capabilities, completely tailored to existing business processes.  Automated background processing and interfacing with multiple systems is also possible.

Screen flows can be tailored based on channel, product, user or any other characteristics defined or calculated using the DecisionStrategy engine.  This unlocks unlimited possibilities for a completely custom approach for your customers or employees.

Data input is only half the story – DecisionMetrics also have delivered unique screens that harness the full power of the multiple bureau responses in a simple set of screens.  This allows underwriters to gain maximum insight into the creditworthiness of an application without being overloaded with differing data from each of the Credit Reference Agencies.

These underwriting screens also harness the power of the DecisionStrategy engine to create custom workflow and status flow to match current or future business processes.



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